Testimonials ForBrandon Beers

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into finding us the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood..

Where Do we start and why can’t we select 10 stars??!  
Words cannot express how fortunate we feel to have met Brandon Beers.  
We relocated back to Los Angeles a year ago for work.   
We decided it was time to look around for a home to purchase and happened upon a fixer upper that was more fixer than upper.   
There he stood.  Showing this home whose brighter days were long gone as if it was it was the most glamorous penthouse in New York City, not because he needed to sale the house but because he truly saw her potential..  
We knew at that point that he was the realtor for us.  
We wanted someone who believed in the future the homes he was selling held for the family that was going to live in them.  
We thought we wanted to live in a specific area so we started looking thru the homes on Realtor.com and Redfin like I’m sure a lot of people do.   Brandon patiently showed those homes to us.    After weeks of frustration he sat us down and asked us to place our faith in his ability to find THE house for us.  He also asked that we broaden our search area.  
Needless to say, we walked into the first home he showed us.     He saw our faces as we walked thru the house and turned to us and said.    “Feels like home doesn’t it”    And it did!!!    It was like he reached Our Hearts and found what we didn’t even know we wanted.  We placed an offer and have been living in the home Brandon choose for us 6 weeks ago and loving it!!  
Brandon is the perfect mix of professionalism and such a caring person that you immediately feel comfortable knowing he has your best interest at heart and will work diligently to ensure you make a wise investment as well as also ensure you find a home in a desirable neighborhood.   
Thank you Brandon for putting your heart and soul into finding us the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.